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Short Update and Philanthropic News

The school year has been underway for just over a month now, and although most classes are fully-remote, and most fraternity events have been cancelled, the Alpha Chapter is still thriving academically. Last semester we had a fraternity average GPA of 3.73, the highest of all chapters on campus, and we hope to raise that average even further this semester.

In addition to academics, philanthropy is a big part of who we are as Sigma Chi’s, and our biggest fundraising event all year is Derby Days through the Huntsman Cancer Institute. This event occurs in the Spring, and in the past we opened up our fundraising page just a month before the event, but this year we have opened it up earlier in an effort to reach our goal of $50,000. The Huntsman Cancer Foundation is a pioneering force in cancer research, and every donation goes towards research grants that can create life changing developments for people around the world. Please donate using the link below, every donation helps!

If you are an alumni, feel free to follow our LinkedIn page, and our Facebook group.

Also, my name is Jake Pankoff, and I'll be taking over as Tribune for Brendan Madson this year. Please reach out to me if you have any suggestions for updates, any alumni news, or any questions whatsoever. Thanks!


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