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Chapter Advisor

Connor O'Hearn | Alpha - 2016


Connor O'Hearn graduated from Miami University in 2016 with a degree in Supply Chain and Operations Management from the Farmer School of Business. Upon graduating, Connor entered the aviation industry, selling business jets on the East Coast. In 2019, he decided to return to Miami University to earn a master's degree in Geography and GIS, with a focus on remote sensing. During his graduate studies, he conducted extensive fieldwork in Hawaii. While in graduate school, Connor also served as the live-in advisor for the Alpha Chapter from 2019 to 2021, guiding the chapter through the first year of the pandemic. He currently lives in Cincinnati with his girlfriend Diane and two dogs, Fonzi and Scooby. Connor has a diverse background in sales, business operations, and strategic planning, with experience in various industries including aviation, agriculture, and early-stage technology startups. He works with another alum, Alex Brozozowski, through their consulting firm that was born out of their time together in Sigma Chi. This fall, he will be pursuing additional certifications from The Wharton School of Business in Financial Planning and Analysis. In his free time, you can find Connor playing tennis or walking his dogs around Cincinnati.

As the chapter advisor, Connor aims to continue serving the Alpha Chapter by providing support and guidance to the executive team. His goal is to build a network of young alumni to help one another as they move through college and into their various professional and academic pursuits. He is dedicated to ensuring that the Sigma Chi experience extends beyond college, fostering a lifelong brotherhood that facilitates both individual and collective goals.​

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