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Alpha Chapter alumni and community support is critical to the long-term success of the Sigma Chi undergraduate chapter. Those chapters with consistent and extensive alumni involvement tend to be the best chapters. To ensure that the Alpha Chapter of  Sigma Chi realizes its full potential local area alumni are needed to help set a solid foundation for success now and into the future.

This foundation is the Alumni Advisory Board which is made up of alumni members who:

– Share their expertise with undergraduates and officers of the chapter
– Are committed to support the undergraduates and monitor the progress of the chapter
– Provide counsel and advice to chapter leadership
– Assist in the direction of the chapter in areas such as academics, leadership, recruitment and financial management;
– Put emphasis on the intangible aspects of fraternalism — Ritual, Brotherhood, Motivation, Unity, and Caring for one another
– Stay up-to-date on new and updated ideas, tools and programs.


The following Brothers have volunteered to serve on the Inaugural Alumni Advisory Boar​d:

David Banker

Michael Bertz

Dustin Buecker

Craig Gustafson 

Kep Hinsch

Steve Hlavin

Jim Hyer

Rich Loss

Mike Rooney

John Sullivan

Greg Wasmund

Creston Woods

David Zilch

Alpha Gamma '67

Alpha '91

Alpha' 92

Delta Pi '80

Alpha '80

Alpha '02

Alpha '80

Alpha '83

Alpha '77

Alpha '88

Alpha '87

Alpha '77

Alpha '84

Dayton, OH (Miami Township)

St. Louis, MO

Cincinnati, OH

Mt. Lookout, OH

Maineville, OH

Chicago, IL

Terrace Park, OH

Sylvania, OH

Cincinnati, OH

Montgomery, OH

Centerville, OH

Trophy Club, TX

Cincinnati, OH (Symmes Township)

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