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Graduating Seniors

The Chapter would like to recognize the 27 seniors who have officially become Miami and Sigma Chi alums this month:

Chris Crouse

Austin Kizys

Ben Sandler

Ben West

Brendan Sir

Brandon Derifield

Brody Miller

Connor Cohoon

Connor Thomas

Cooper Terwin

Dom Formick

Hunter Meacham

Jack Gerstein

Jack Schact

Jack Vesevick

Jacob Smith

Jake Bechard

John Contes

Keaghen Mullin

Reese Catron

Reid Mattle

Robert Hahn

Sam Gutierrez

Scotty Fraser

Sean Cahill

Thomas Ruth

Vincenzo Calabrese

The time, service, and dedication these brothers have given to the chapter is invaluable. Join us in wishing them luck in their future endeavors, with a circle of strong arms always around them. In Hoc Signo Vinces.

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