Fall Homecoming Info

A summary of Fall Homecoming Weekend (September 6–7) is below. Click on the images to expand.

August Redskin Sig Issued

The August edition of the Redskin Sig newsletter was issued to numerous Alpha alumni to provide a recap of the summer and info for fall events like Homecoming Weekend, September 7–9. Special thanks to Rob Hornback '92, Gary Rawlings '78, Sam Ekey '77, and many more for their work. For additional information about the Homecoming weekend, please contact Sam Ekey (ekeysam@hotmail.com) or visit sigmachihomecoming.com A larger view of the newsletter can be seen by clicking on the images below.

High Recognition for Chapter Continues

The Alpha Chapter has continued to receive praise from the Fraternity as it won a Peterson Significant Chapter Gold Award, and had three brothers recognized individually for their contributions to the Fraternity at the 2019 Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop, the Fraternity's annual leadership development conference. Grant Laning '19 won the Province Balfour Award, which recognizes graduating seniors based on scholarship, Fraternity service, character, and leadership qualities. Jeffrey Scheffer '78 and David Wyler '95 were honored as Significant Sigs for their contributions to the Fraternity and beyond. Both have had successful careers in the furniture and auto industries, respectively.

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