Executive Board

Henry Walton

Henry is a rising senior Accounting major from Glenview, IL. He joined Sigma Chi because he wanted to be around men that would push him out of his comfort zone and allow him to reach his fullest potential. Henry owns and operates his own professional automotive detailing business and will work for KPMG this summer in the Chicago Tax practice. He previously served as Pro Consul in 2020-2021 and Risk Manager for the 2019-2020 school year.


Email: waltonhj@miamioh.edu

Tyler Totin
IMG_7024 2.jpg

Tyler is from Cincinnati, OH and is a rising junior studying finance. He chose Sigma Chi because he wanted to be surrounded with the best men on campus who will push him to better himself every day. Over winter break, he worked as a Retails Specialist Intern for Empire Marketing Strategies and this summer he is working for VRI as an Operations Analysts Intern. In his free time, he enjoys golfing with friends and family. 


Email: waltonhj@miamioh.edu

Chase Hammett

Chase is a rising junior finance and accounting major from Huntsville, Alabama. He chose Sigma Chi because he wanted to be around men who pushed him to be the best version of himself. This summer he will be working full time as an equity and economic analyst at Templeton and Phillips Capital Management LLC. 


Email: hammetr@miamioh.edu

Matthew Barrett
Recruitment Chairman

Matthew grew up in Powell, Ohio and is a rising sophomore studying marketing in the Farmer School of Business. He chose Sigma Chi to be surrounded by a group of guys that push him to be the best version of himself and make him a better man. He will be working a summer job landscaping and building patios. He is excited to start this next school year and bring in the best pledge class yet.


Email: barret18@miamioh.edu

Jake Kessler
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Jake is a rising sophomore from Powell, Ohio. He is in the Farmer School of Business studying marketing with a minor in entrepreneurship. He chose Sigma Chi in search of a brotherhood who upheld the same values as himself. This summer he will be managing Golf Operations at Wedgewood Golf and Country Club. He also plans on spending a lot of time reading and learning to better himself and his leadership skills for the upcoming year.


Email: kesslej5@miamioh.edu

Dom Devengencie
Risk Manager

Dom is a Biology/Pre-Medical major, on a pre-dental track. He is from Grafton, a small town outside of Cleveland, Ohio. He chose Sigma Chi because he knew it was unlike any other fraternity or organization and saw the genuine brotherhood and opportunities to better himself. Some of his interests include participating in sporting events, working out, and volunteering. In this coming year, I plan on becoming more involved in the Oxford community as well. I know that as an exec member of Sigma Chi, I am more able than ever to make a positive impact on my community, and on my peers.

Email: devengdj@miamioh.edu 

Richard Conie
Social Chairman

Richard is a rising junior from Upper Arlington, Ohio majoring in Urban Planning and Development with a co-major in Entrepreneurship. He owns two business which he operates outside of school. Richard joined Sigma Chi to build lifelong friendships and to create important connections for his future career path.


Email: conierp@miamioh.edu

Nick Lipovsek

Nick is a rising sophomore biology and premedical studies major from Powell, Ohio. He joined Sigma Chi because he wanted to be a part of a community that prioritizes academics, philanthropy, and brotherhood all at once. Back home during breaks, he works as a Doordash driver and enjoys golfing in his free time. He is beyond excited to be a newly initiated Sigma Chi, and can’t wait for what’s to come.


Email: lipovsnj@miamioh.edu

Ben Skaggs

Ben is a Junior Marketing major from Louisville, KY. He chose Sigma Chi because he saw men truly cherishing the bond they have with their brothers and the shared ambition to better themselves every day. Ben also serves as the Vice President of the Miami DIII Club Hockey Team. He previously excelled as philanthropy chair in the 2020-2021 school year.

Email: skaggsb2@miamioh.edu

Jay Yano
House Manager

Jay is a rising senior Marketing major with a Film Studies minor. His very strong relationship with his twin brother drew him to the brotherhood of Sigma Chi. The driving forces for his decision were the love and care being spread around to everyone. He was born and raised in Colorado, although his mom just moved from Colorado to Tennessee. In his free time, he loves to play golf and works at the Indian Ridge Club here on campus.


Email: yanojt@miamioh.edu

John Michael Dancy
Philanthropy Chairman

John Michael is a rising junior Finance Major from Denver, CO. He chose Sigma Chi because he felt a strong community that would support him through the good and the bad and to become his family over time. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, fishing, and skiing. He is currently searching for a finance internship close to home for the coming summer.



Email: dancyjm@miamioh.edu

Jacob Davis
Scholarship Chairman

Jacob is a rising sophomore biology premedical studies student from North Ridgeville, Ohio. He joined Sigma Chi to surround himself with driven individuals and to be given opportunities for leadership. He hopes to work as a pharmacy technician over the summer. In his spare time, he enjoys working out and being outside.

Email: davisjt8@miamioh.edu

Luke Greenman
Brotherhood Chairman

Luke is a rising sophomore majoring in Sports Leadership and Management and is from Lakeland, Florida. He joined Sigma Chi because of the amazing reputation around the country for brotherhood, philanthropy, and academics. In his free time, he enjoys to golfing and spending time with his brothers. He is currently looking for an internship at a sports agency for this coming summer.


Email: greenmlg@miamioh.edu