Executive Board

Patrick Nolan

Pat is a Senior Finance major from Lakewood, OH. He chose Sigma Chi because he wanted to be apart of an organization where he could could make a positive impact on the community and grow as an individual. Pat interned at JPMorgan Chase during the summer of 2020 and is also involved with Alpha Kappa Psi at Miami. He previously served as Pro-Consul for the 2019-2020 school year.

Email: nolanpj3@miamioh.edu

Max Moroknek

Max is a Sophomore Marketing major with a minor in Sport Management. He joined Sigma Chi to be in an environment of men that push each other to be their best self. Max interned with Pacers Sports and Entertainment summer 2019 and is also serving as the chapter’s Ambassador to the Best Western Resort and Hotels.


Email: moroknme@miamioh.edu

Jeff Makowski
Recruitment Chairman

 Jeff is a Junior Psychology/Pre-Med major from St. Charles, IL. He joined Sigma Chi to be apart of something bigger than myself and believes it gives him the ability to use his leadership skills to grow as an individual and the fraternity as a whole. He am also a member of the Delta Epsilon Mu Pre-Health fraternity. Jeff served as annotator for the 2019-2020 school year.


Email: makowsjd@miamioh.edu

Cameron Rice
Social Chairman

Cam is a Sophomore Political Science major from Fort Worth, TX. He is interested in pursuing law. Cam joined Sigma Chi to better himself as a man and improve upon his character and leadership abilities while meeting lifelong friends.


Email: riceca8@miamioh.edu

Maxwell Lutz

Maxwell is a Junior Supply Chain and Operations Management major from Roscommon, MI.  He has had intern experience with BMW and is looking to continue to pursue the automotive industry.  He joined Sigma Chi to further his dedication to friendship, justice, and learning.


Email: lutzmb@miamioh.edu

Samuel Biglin
House Manager
Henry Walton

Henry is a Junior Accounting major from Glenview, IL. He joined Sigma Chi because he wanted to be around men that would push him out of his comfort zone and allow him to reach his fullest potential. Henry owns and operates his own professional automotive detailing business and is actively seeking opportunities in the accounting field. He previously served as Risk Manager for the 2019-2020 school year.


Email: waltonhj@miamioh.edu

Wilson Maier

Wilson is a Junior Political Science major, minoring in Spanish from Cincinnati, OH. He hopes to work for A federal agency, U.S. government, or as a lawyer. Wilson joined Sigma Chi because I saw an opportunity to join and create a fraternity that I wanted to be a part of. The chapter had only been on campus for a few years so I had the chance to help in its growth. He served as Magister during the 2019-2020 school year.


Email: maierwa@miamioh.edu

Ben Skaggs
Philanthropy Chairman

Ben is a Junior Marketing major from Louisville, KY. He chose Sigma Chi because he saw men truly cherishing the bond they have with their brothers and the shared ambition to better themselves every day. Ben also serves as the Vice President of the Miami DIII Club Hockey Team. 


Email: skaggsb2@miamioh.edu

Scott Ballitch

Scott is a Junior Information Systems Major from Cincinnati, OH. He chose Sigma Chi because he wanted to surround himself with men who strived in the classroom and made an impact on the community. Scott is also involved in Miami's AKPsi and Toastmasters Club.  


Email: ballitsa@miamioh.edu

Noah Ragan
Scholarship Chairman

Noah is a Sophmore Information Systems and Analytics major with minors in Economics and History. He is from the great northern state of Minnesota and joined Sigma Chi to surround himself with highly ambitious men in a personable community. Noah is also a member of Miami University's rowing team and the Business Honors Program.

Email: ragannm@miamioh.edu

Hunter Spohnholtz
Risk Manager

Hunter is a Sophomore Accounting major from Chicago, Illinois. He has had internship experience this past Summer working in Columbus, Ohio, and he joined Sigma Chi because he wanted a social fraternity that put an emphasis on education as well as a social life.

Email: spohnhhc@miamioh.edu 

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