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Executive Board

Robert Hahn

Robert is a Senior Middle Childhood Education Major from Wadsworth, OH. He chose Sigma Chi because he saw men who would push him to be the best version of himself. Robert has also served as Kustos.


Email: hahnrj@miamioh.edu

Connor Thomas

Connor is a Senior Accounting major from Buffalo, NY. He joined Sigma Chi for the values the fraternity holds and to surround himself with men better than himself. 

Email: thoma216@miamioh.edu

Jake Gapinski
Recruitment Chairman

Jake is a Junior Finance Major from Mason, OH. He joined Sigma Chi because of the opportunities for leadership, strong sense of brotherhood, and a massive nationwide network.


Email: gapinsj2@miamioh.edu

Pat Nolan

Pat is a Junior Finance Major with Economics and Accounting Minors from Lakewood, OH. He chose Sigma Chi because he wanted to be apart of an organization where he could could make a positive impact on the community and grow as an individual.


Email: nolanpj3@miamioh.edu

Wilson Maier

Wilson is a Political Science Major, minoring in Spanish from Cincinnati, OH. He chose Sigma Chi because he saw men who held themselves to a higher standard, shared similar values with himself and were ambitious enough to push each other to achieve any goal they desired.


Email: maierwa@miamioh.edu

Connor Osmond
Philanthropy Chairman

Connor is a Sophomore Psych and Pre-Med Major from Powell, OH. He joined Sigma Chi because he felt it would make him a better man and serve to help him grow him throughout his life. 


Email: osmondcm@miamioh.edu

Miller Steele
Co-Social Chairman

Miller is a Sophomore Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship Major from Cincinnati, OH. He joined Sigma Chi because of its commitment to the ideals of friendship, justice, and learning. Miller also serves as the Miami Water Ski Team's Boat Maintenance Chair. 

Email: steele23@miamioh.edu

Noah Tilton

Noah is a Junior Economics Major and History Minor from Takoma Park, MD. He chose Sigma Chi because of the diverse interests of its members and the strong brotherhood. Noah is also involved in Miami's Men's Club Hockey team.


Email: tiltonns@miamioh.edu

Daniel Lee
House Manager

Daniel is a Junior Business-Economics major from Maineville, OH. He chose to join Sigma Chi because he wanted to surround himself with men better than himself. Daniel has also served as Historian.


Email: leedw@miamioh.edu

Kov Herdic
Co-Social Chairman

Kov is a Sophomore Finance Major from Boulder, CO. He is involved in club hockey, as well as several business organizations on campus. Kov joined Sigma Chi to meet like-minded men that can help him to achieve his goals and to be a part of something greater than himself.

Email: herdickc@miamioh.edu

Daniel McGeever
Scholarship Chairman

Daniel is a Junior Finance Major from Bethesda, MD with minors in Business Legal Studies and Economics. He chose Sigma Chi because of the brotherhood that provides support inside the classroom and out. Daniel also serves as the Treasurer of the Miami DII Club Hockey Team.

Email: mcgeevdj@miamioh.edu

Henry Walton
Risk Manager

Henry is a Sophomore Accounting Major from Glenview, IL. He joined Sigma Chi because he wanted to be around men that would push him out of his comfort zone and allow him to reach his fullest potential.


Email: waltonhj@miamioh.edu

Dalton Thomson

Dalton is a Junior Zoology/Pre-Med Major from Damascus, Virginia. He joined Sigma Chi to become a leader amongst
men and strive to better himself each and every day. Dalton has also served on the judicial board committee. 


Email: thomsodw@miamioh.edu