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Sigma Chi Alpha Colony Update

Sigma Chi’s return to Miami University is underway. As you are aware, a first step in the return of a Sigma Chi chapter to Oxford is the creation of a Colony. This has been done. From the over 200 Miami students who expressed interest in joining Sigma Chi, thirty one outstanding campus leaders have been selected to form the nucleus of the new Alpha Chapter.
With considerable help from Sigma Chi Internationally, including Desmond (Des) Robinson and Walker Patten from New Chapter Expansion- who personally interviewed every colony member- as well as Mason Black from Chapter Support who led the new colony in Sigma Chi\u2019s Preparation for Brotherhood Pledge Program, the new colony is now official.
The colony is known as Sigma Chi Alpha. The Sigma Chi Alpha Colony will continue to recruit new members. They are being incredibly selective in the screening process. If you know of a Miami student, including 2016-2017 incoming freshmen, worthy of being considered, please share their information with Recruiting Chairs, Tushar Batia or Seth Badger, by completing this form:
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