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In 1978, the Executive Committee of the Sigma Chi Fraternity asked 62nd Grand Consul Douglas R. Carlson, also the fraternity’s 19th Grand Historian, to compile a history of the fraternity for the years 1955 to 1980. Following in the traditional of Joseph Cookman Nate’s seven-volume History of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, Carlson tells the story of Sigma Chi in chapters coinciding with the terms of office of the Fraternity’s Grand Consuls. In the course of the narrative, Carlson takes the reader through one of the most turbulent periods in the history of Fraternity. History of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, 1955 to 1980, shows how the fraternity dealt with issues of civil rights and the war in Vietnam while continuing to grow in an era when many felt that fraternities had become irrelevant. In addition to the Grand Consuls, the reader is also introduced to the wonderful young women who served the fraternity as “The Sweethearts of Sigma Chi,” and the many Sigma Chis who contributed so much of their time in service to the Fraternity.



HARDCOVER, 554 pages Publisher: The Sigma Chi Fraternity, 1990


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