In 1855, seven young men dedicated to the principles of friendship, justice and learning stood on the threshold of greatness when they declared their allegiance to these ideals¬¬–and to each other. These young men, who met in a second-floor room of a building near Oxford’s public square on High Street – now know as the birth place of Sigma Chi – could not possibly have imagined the scope of the institution.


A small amount of bricks were recently removed from where the Founders held many of the earlier organizational meetings of Sigma Chi. Now YOU CAN OWN a slice of the room in which Runkle and Lockwood designed the Sigma Chi badge.



Chestnut color wood plaque with golden placard displaying “Founding Site Brick – Miami, Ohio 1855.” Attached to the plaque is a genuine segment of a brick from the Sigma Chi Founding Site. Product size: 4 ¼” x 6”

Founding Site Brick