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Letter from Luke Walker


Due to the unparalleled ­financial support and generosity of Jack Anderson ‘47, our colony had the opportunity to send a record number of fourteen members to Balfour this past weekend. With our current status as a Colony, we were separated from the main breakout groups sessions of Balfour and had the privilege to work with an awesome Expansion Team that had been put together.

These expansion team meetings were extremely hands on, geared towards us, and immensely benefi­cial. The sessions relied heavily on financial matters, efficiency in meetings, membership activity, proper recruitment, alumni relations, school relations, and many more. I can say that we are now miles ahead of where we were prior to our attendance of Balfour and we would not be in the same shape without it.

As a colony, we mapped out an in-depth analysis of the semester to come, and set our goals for not only ourselves, but for the colony as a whole. This strategic plan will essentially serve as our guide as we work our way through the semester and complete our Phase Report, ultimately transitioning us into Phase 2 upon the acceptance of Phase 1. I am honored, humbled, and privileged to serve as Consul for our Colony this year. I will uphold myself as well as all colony members to the highest of standards, as we continue to embark on our journey to change Greek life at Miami.

Sigma Chi is to serve as the premier and example fraternity for not only Greek life, but all student organizations as a whole. We already have a solid foundation and I cannot wait to dig deeper into our potential. Thank you all so much for the unparalleled support that we have received. I look forward to working with you all as well as building our relationships more in the future. I look forward to meeting many of you at Homecoming on September 17th.


Luke Walker – Consul

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