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Current State of the Chapter

Currently, the Alpha Chapter of Sigma Chi has 108 undergraduate members and is looking to add another pledge class in spring 2023. 











The Alpha Pledge Class of the Sigma Chi Alpha Colony


The initial vision statement of the Sigma Chi Alpha Colony reflected this ambition: "Our goal is to be the premier organization on campus by developing a strong brotherhood, positively impacting the community, and achieving the highest academic standards, all while being deeply committed to the values of Sigma Chi." Our colony worked hard to live up to our goals, recruiting men better than ourselves, achieving high academic marks, and putting in considerable community service hours over our first year. 



One of the highest priorities of the Alpha Chapter of Sigma Chi is

to positively impact to the community.


After submitting a declaration of intent, several lengthy phase reports, and a formal petition, the Sigma Chi Alpha Colony finally became the Sigma Chi Alpha Chapter on April 29, 2017, at an event that hosted numerous Alpha alumni, families, members of the General Fraternity Executive Committee, and prominent members of the Miami community, such as President Gregory Crawford. 





The moment the Alpha Chapter of Sigma Chi was rechartered.

After 18 long months of hard work and dedication by our group, our alumni, the General Fraternity HQ, and many others, we returned to our original residence of 401 E Sycamore, ready to continue rebuilding our reputation, and the reputation of the environment that surrounds us.  Although we had achieved our initial goal of regaining our charter, our drive hadn't begun to slow down, and we had our eyes set on a number of key goals:


  • Boasting the highest GPA amongst fraternities on campus

  • Recruiting more of the best and brightest men that Miami has to offer 

  • Continuing to establish a hazing-free environment that focuses on creating brotherhood by building our members up, not breaking them down. 


For any further questions on who we are, or if you wish to help us reach our goals , please reach out to

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